One of the reasons Robin’s such a great publicist is that she speaks to me like a person—when she pitches, she personally addresses me and engages in some small talk before we get down to business. My inbox is flooded with emails from publicists, so her efforts to get to know me and build a rapport go a long way. Plus, she introduced me to my favorite workout!

Tiffany Yannetta

Managing Editor, Racked

Robin Diamond is one of the most effective publicists I’ve ever worked with. She is dedicated to her work–which has garnered her an excellent client base–takes the time to do her research before pitching stories, and always provides relevant information. Plus, she’s extremely quick to respond and can always make stuff happen (a huge bonus). I open every email I get from her, because I know her clients and news will be useful to me and my readership. She’s also an absolute delight and, over the years, I’ve very much enjoyed our relationship.

Julia Ford-Carther

Senior Editor, Ocean Drive magazine Contributor: Allure magazine, Huffington Post,

Anytime I work with Robin, I’m at ease because she makes my job incredibly easy and effortless! Not only does she connect me with great clients/topics (stories for my blog and Deco Drive;) more specifically, she provides a sense of complete competency. Everyone is where they need to be at a certain time, briefed and ready to go, allowing my interview, b-roll and social media pictures to be produced seamlessly. It’s always a good day when I’m working with Robin.

Shireen Sandoval

Entertainment Host, Fashion Blogger/Reporter & BFCA Film Critic, FOX TV Channel 7, Deco Drive/Shireen's Favorite Things